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Its amazing that I was able to lose 15 lbs for my wedding with my job of 60 hrs a week and now 6 kids.  The convenience of having my workout and eating plan available and able to work out in my house made the difference.  Thank you Body Coach


Chris is the man, he takes personal interest in both, getting to know you and understanding your goals.  He pushes you that little bit harder to start seeing the results you want.  He's easy going, knows his stuff and is highly recommended.

Connor K / Yelp

I love Chris. In addition to keeping me sweating for the whole session he has a great way of interacting and talking with clients. I could arrive in the worst mood and somehow he manages to change my mindset. Really understanding and easy to work with for scheduling too. Highly recommend. Karen

Karen Y / Yelp


We did this together, got very good results and not to much fighting


I have been training with Chris for 4 years now and I highly recommend him. He was able to create a training regime specifically to help me with my martial arts training. When I had a knee injury and then later an ankle sprain, he was able to help me work out around these injuries and keep me going.  I am very happy with our results.

As a psychotherapist, I appreciate his psychological mindedness, his empathy, curiosity, and his enormous sense of humor. Based on these qualities I have found it useful to refer some of my patients to him to help them address issues of assertiveness, body image, self-esteem and basic health and body wellness. He genuinely knows how to motivate people of all ages, with very different personalities, and with very different fitness goals.

Ken V / Yelp

I've been training with Chris for almost a year now and continue to be extremely pleased with the results.

Patient, knowledgeable, and very motivating. He was able to determine immediately how to help me achieve my goals and has kept me on a consistent path towards realizing them and in many cases beating them!

Ben C / Yelp


Change can happen, didn't think it was going to happen, but I guess it's true "One step at a Time"

P Chu